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GK Questions for Class 4 with Answers in English pdf

Class 4 GK Questions with Answers in English (pdf) : Students who are interested in building their general knowledge skill from early life can follow us. This is a free educational website where you can find all necessary class 4 gk questions  with answers in English (pdf). All class 4 gk questions provided here can be easily downloaded from the following link. It is very difficult to cover the gk syllabus. So we have come with a few important class 4 gk questions with answers in English (pdf). If any student starts reading about class 4 gk questions he will definitely be a master in gk. The students of class 4 can read this gk questions for class 4 with answers in English (pdf) to develop their knowledge.

Class 4 gk questions

Question No. 1 :: Which day is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day” in India? 

(A) 7 August

(B) 16 July

(C) 5 September 

(D) 27 November 

Answer :: (C) 5 September 

Question No. 2 :: Who is the first president of the USA? 

(A) George Washington

(B) Bill Clinton 

(C) Jill Biden

(D) Kamala Harris 

Answer :: (A) George Washington

Question No. 3 :: Who is the founder of Buddhism?

(A) Confucius 

(B) Goutam Buddha

(C) Guru Nanak

(D) Mahavira 

Answer :: (B) Goutam Buddha 

Question No. 4 :: “Times of India” is a famous ______

(A) Story

(B) Autobiography 

(C) Newspaper 

(D) None of the above

Answer :: (C) Newspaper 

Question No. 5 :: The normal body temperature of human is ___ 

(A) 34℃

(B) 20℃

(C) 40℃

(D) 37℃

Answer :: (D) 37℃

Question No. 6 :: Which is the capital of India?

(A) Kolkata 

(B) New Delhi 

(C) Hyderabad 

(D) Mumbai

Answer :: (B) New Delhi

Question No. 7 :: “Black Flag” is the symbol of ______

(A) Protest

(B) Justice 

(C) Danger

(D) Distress 

Answer :: (A) Protest 

Question No. 8 :: Sachin Tendulkar is a famous _____

(A) Badminton player

(B) Footballer

(C) Cricketer

(D) Singer 

Answer :: (C) Cricketer 

Question No. 9 :: The tiger reserve “Bandipur” is located in _____

(A) Karnataka 

(B) Maharashtra 

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Kerala 

Answer :: (A) Karnataka 

Question No. 10 :: Ranji Trophy is associated with which of the games? 

(A) Polo 

(B) Badminton 

(C) Football

(D) Cricket

Answer :: (D) Cricket 

Question No. 11 :: How many players are there on each side of the water polo game? 

(A) 11 (Eleven)

(B) 7 (Seven)

(C) 10 (Ten)

(D) 5 (Five)

Answer :: (B) 7 (Seven) 

Question No. 12 :: ‘Vyas Award’  is given for outstanding contribution in _____ 

(A) Sports 

(B) Mathematics 

(C) Music 

(D) Hindi Literature

Answer :: (D) Hindi Literature.

Question No. 13 :: Who was the first Indian to receive  ‘Bharat Ratna Award‘? 

(A) C. Rajagopalachari 

(B) Sachin Tendulkar 

(C) Bhimsen Joshi 

(D) Ravi Shankar 

Answer :: (A) C. Rajagopalachari 

Question No. 14 :: The famous town Hollywood of USA is associated with ____ 

(A) Silk industry

(B) Glass manufacturing 

(C) Film industry

(D) Motor cars 

Answer :: (C) Film industry 

Question No. 15 :: Which among the following is the largest bird?

(A) Dove

(B) Crow

(C) Ostrich 

(D) Peacock

Answer :: (C) Ostrich 

Question No. 16 :: The border line between India and China is called _____

(A) Durand line 

(B) Radcliffe line 

(C) Hindenburg line 

(D) MacMohan line 

Answer :: (D) MacMohan line 

Question No. 17 :: Which among the following countries is the largest producer of rice? 

(A) Britain 

(B) USA 

(C) Canada 

(D) China 

Answer :: (D) China 

Question No. 18 :: Which of the following is known as ‘Coffee pot of the world’ ?

(A) India 

(B) Brazil

(C) Japan 

(D) Canada 

Answer :: (B) Brazil 

Question No. 19 :: Which of the following is the most populous country in the world? 

(A) Canada 

(B) USA 

(C) China 

(D) India 

Answer :: (C) China 

Question No. 20 :: Which of the following is the smallest continent in the world? 

(A) Australia 

(B) Europe

(C) North America

(D) Asia 

Answer :: (A) Australia 

Question No. 21 ::  ‘London’ is the capital of which country? 

(A) United Kingdom 

(B) United States of America

(C) France 

(D) Australia 

Answer :: (A) United Kingdom 

Question No. 22 :: Which of the following is the smallest country in the world? 

(A) Bhutan 

(B) Maldives

(C) Vatican City 

(D) West Indies 

Answer :: (C) Vatican City 

Question No. 23 :: Which of the following planets is called “Earth’s Twin”  ?

(A) Venus 

(B) Mercury

(C) Mars 

(D) Jupiter 

Answer :: (A) Venus 

Question No. 24 :: In which year did India win its first Olympic gold medal? 

(A) 1964

(B) 1996

(C) 1928

(D) 1898 

Answer :: (C) 1928 

Question No. 25 :: What is the monthly salary of the president of India? 

(A) 1.5 lakh

(B) 5 Lakh

(C) 3 lakh 

(D) 2.5 lakh 

Answer :: (B) 5 Lakh 

Question No. 26 :: Which of the following metals is used to manufacture aircraft?

(A) Iron

(B) Copper 

(C) Titanium

(D) Bronze 

Answer :: (C) Titanium (Aluminum is also used)

Question No. 27 :: Which of the following is the largest animal cell?

(A) Liver cell of elephant 

(B) Egg of Ostrich

(C) Nerve cell of human 

(D) None of the above

Answer :: (B) Egg of Ostrich 

Question No. 28 :: Which among the following is the highest award for bravery

(A) Mahavir Chakra 

(B) Vir Chakra 

(C) Param Vir Chakra 

(D) Ashok Chakra 

Answer :: (C) Param Vir Chakra 

Question No. 29 :: Which of the following is called “Blue Mountain” ?

(A) Aravalli 

(B) Santpura

(C) Western Ghat 

(D) Nilgiri 

Answer :: (D) Nilgiri 

Question No. 30 :: Which of the planets has no atmosphere

(A) Mercury

(B) Earth 

(C) Mars 

(D) Jupiter 

Answer :: (A) Mercury 

Question No. 31 :: “Pongal” is the famous festival of which of the following states? 

(A) Rajasthan 

(B) West Bengal 

(C) Meghalaya

(D) Tamil Nadu 

Answer :: (D) Tamil Nadu 

Question No. 32 :: Where the Garo and Khasi tribes mainly live? 

(A) Rajasthan 

(B) Meghalaya 

(C) Uttar pradesh 

(D) Orissa 

Answer :: (B) Meghalaya 

Question No. 33 :: Which of the following is the first artificial satellite of India? 

(A) Bhaskara-I 

(B) Aryabhata

(C) Rohini 


Answer :: (B) Aryabhata 

Question No. 34 :: Which of the following is the smallest neighbour country of India? 

(A) Srilanka 

(B) Bangladesh

(C) Bhutan 

(D) Maldives 

Answer :: (D) Maldives 

Question No. 35 :: Which of the following countries is called the “Sugar Bowl” of the world?

(A) Cuba 

(B) Indonesia

(C) India 

(D) Thailand 

Answer :: (A) Cuba

Question No. 36 :: Aga Khan cup is associated with _____ 

(A) Cricket

(B) Golf 

(C) Hockey

(D) Football 

Answer :: (C) Hockey 

Question No. 37 :: “Yellow revolution” is related to _______ 

(A) Oil seeds 

(B) Agriculture 

(C) Wool 

(D) Fish 

Answer :: (A) Oil seeds 

Question No. 38 :: How many rings are there in the middle of the Olympic flag? 

(A) 6 (Six)

(B) 9 (Nine)

(C) 5 (Five) 

(D) 10 (Ten) 

Answer :: (C) 5 (Five) 

Question No. 39 :: Which of the following is the coldest planet in the solar system?

(A) Mars

(B) Venus 

(C) Neptune

(D) Jupiter 

Answer :: (C) Neptune 

Question No. 40 :: Malaria can be spread to human by the bite of ____

(A) Bee

(B) Mosquito 

(C) Butterfly

(D) Wasp 

Answer :: (B) Mosquito 

Question No. 41 :: Which of the following states ranks first in rice production in India? 

(A) West Bengal 

(B) Assam 

(C) Tripura 

(D) Tamil nadu

Answer :: (A) West Bengal 

Question No. 42 :: Delhi is situated on the banks of which river? 

(A) Kaveri

(B) Ganges 

(C) Indus 

(D) Yamuna 

Answer :: (D) Yamuna 

Question No. 43 :: Green Park stadium is located at ______ 

(A) Kolkata 

(B) Delhi 

(C) Kanpur 

(D) Mumbai 

Answer :: (C) Kanpur 

Question No. 44 :: Who among the following scientists invented dynamo? 

(A) John Harrison 

(B) Micheal Faraday 

(C) Max Muller  

(D) Alexander Fleming 

Answer :: (B) Micheal Faraday 

Question No. 45 :: Sahara desert is located in which of the following continents? 

(A) Africa 

(B) Asia 

(C) Europe 

(D) Australia 

Answer :: (A) Africa 

Question No. 46 :: After a shower of rain, a rainbow is seen ____ 

(A) anywhere in the sky 

(B) towards the sun 

(C) opposite of the sun 

(D) None of the above

Answer :: (C) opposite of the sun 

Question No. 47 :: For how long did “Kurukshetra War” continue?

(A) 7 days

(B) 10 days 

(C) 18 days 

(D) one month

Answer :: (C) 18 days 

Question No. 48 :: “Mosad” is the intelligence agency of which country? 

(A) Pakistan 

(B) Israel 


(D) Saudi Arabia

Answer :: (B) Israel 

Question No. 49 :: “Eiffel tower” is located in which of the following countries? 

(A) United Kingdom 

(B) USA 

(C) China 

(D) France 

Answer :: (D) France 

Question No. 50 :: Where is the headquarters of “Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)” located?

(A) New Delhi 

(B) Bangalore

(C) Hyderabad 

(D) Visakhapatnam 

Answer :: (B) Bangalore 

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