50 + General Health Quiz Questions with Answers

General Health Quiz Questions with Answers
General Health Quiz Questions with Answers

Nowadays the environment is so polluted that one has to be health conscious to keep oneself healthy. Regular exercise is necessary to maintain good health. Apart from exercise, moderate diet, going to bed at the right time and many other rules have to be followed. Here are some questions to answer how well you know the rules to follow to stay healthy. The questions given here will help you increase your health awareness.

50 General Health Quiz Questions with Answers

Question 1 :: How much water should an adult take regularly?

(A) Less than 33 oz

(B) 80 oz to 105 oz

(C) More than 200 oz

(D) More than 30 oz

Answer :: (B) 80 oz to 105 oz

Question 2 :: Which of the following habits increases the risk of heart attack?

(A) Smoking 

(B) Fishing

(C) Football playing

(D) Adequate sleep in night

Answer :: (A) Smoking

Question 3 :: What is the main function of antioxidants in your body?

(A) Protect against warms

(B) Improve blood pressure

(C) Improve digestive function

(D) Protect body cells from free radical 

Answer :: (D) Protect body cells from free radical 

Question 4 :: Why is the BCG vaccine given?

(A) Diarrhea

(B) General Fever

(C) Tuberculosis

(D) Kidney stone 

Answer :: (C) Tuberculosis

Question 5 :: What is the recommended duration for brushing your teeth?

(A) 2 minutes

(B) 1 minute

(C) 3 minutes

(D) 4 minutes

Answer :: (A) 2 minutes

Question 6 :: What is the healthy heart rate of an adult? 

(A) 40 – 60 bpm

(B) 60 – 100 bpm

(C) 100 – 120 bpm

(D) 150 above bpm

Answer :: (B) 60 – 100 bpm 

Question 7 :: Which nutrient is essential for repairing the body tissues? 

(A) Carbohydrate

(B) Protein

(C) Fat 

(D) Minerals

Answer :: (B) Protein

Question 8 :: What is the name of the largest human muscle?

(A) Thigh 

(B) Ear muscle 

(C) Triceps

(D) Calf 

Answer :: (A) Thigh

Question 9 :: How many bones are there in a human body? 

(A) 103

(B) 308

(C) 206

(D) 150

Answer :: (C) 206

Question 10 :: Which of the following exercises is the perfect to improve cardiovascular health? 

(A) Yoga 

(B) Running

(C) Bicep curl

(D) Meditation

Answer :: (B) Running