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GK Questions for Class 1

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GK Questions for Class 1 with Answers free pdf

GK questions for class 1- This is a great place for children where you can find all essential general knowledge (gk) questions for class 1 with answers . Class 1 is the beginner steps to go forward. This is a crucial stage for childhood. So every parent should give special attention to their children. Here we have provided some essential gk questions with answers for class 1 students. The questions and answers provided in this article can be downloaded free of cost. Anyone can download it and can share to his friends and relatives.

Gk questions for class 1 with answers pdf

1) How many eyes you have?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

Ans: (b) Two

2) We walk with the help of _____

a) Hands

b) Nose

c) Legs

d) Ears

Ans: (c) Legs

3) Which among the following is the first letter of English alphabet?

a) X

b) D

c) B

d) A

Ans: (d) A

4) What is the name of our country?

a) North Korea

b) South Africa 

c) India

d) Srilanka

Ans: (c) India

5) The colour of milk is _____

a) Red

b) Yellow

c) Blue

d) White

Ans: (d) White

6) Which of the following is a domestic animal? 

a) Dog

b) Tiger

c) Lion

d) Crocodile

Ans: (a) Dog

7) Find the capital letter from the following letters.

a) d

b) b

c) A

d) w

Ans: (c) A 

8) Which among the following animals eat meat?

a) Tiger

b) Goat 

c) Cow

d) Deer

Ans: (a) Tiger

9) Which animal gives us milk?

a) Cow

b) Dog

c) Cat

d) Fox

Ans: (a) Cow

10) Which is the capital of our country (India)?

a) Kolkata

b) Delhi

c) Bangalore

d) Mumbai

Ans: (b) Delhi

11) How many fingers we have in our hands?

a) 5

b) 8

c) 10

d) 20

Ans: (c) 10

12) The colour of our teeth is

a) White

b) Blue

c) Yellow

d) Pink

Ans: (a) White

13) Tuesday comes after_

a) Monday

b) Friday

c) Saturday

d) Sunday

Ans: (a) Monday

14) The colour of an egg is

a) Yellow

b) Red

c) White

d) Green

Ans: (c) White

15) A dog has ________ legs.

a) 5

b) 4

c) 3

d) 2

Ans: (b) 4

16) Which among the following animals can live in water?

a) Rat 

b) Fish

c) Zebra

d) Ass

Ans: (b) Fish

17) The colour of which bird is green?

a) Parrot

b) Crow

c) Crane 

d) None of the above

Ans: (a) Parrot

18) The letter ‘s’ comes after ___

a) t

b) r

c) m

d) u

Ans: (b) r 

19) We can hear with the help of ___

a) Eyes

b) Nose

c) Ears

d) Mouth

Ans: (c) Ears

20) Which day comes before Monday?

a) Wednesday

b) Saturday

c) Sunday

d) Friday

Ans: (c) Sunday

21) Which animal is largest among the following animals?

a) Elephant

b) Dog

c) Fox 

d) Goat

Ans: (a) Elephant

22) Which is the smallest animal among the following?

a) Zebra

b) Tiger

c) Rat

d) Horse

Ans: (c) Rat

23) Which animal run fast among the following

a) Horse

b) Ass

c) Dog

d) Fox

Ans: (a) Horse

24) We smell with the help of ___

a) Ears

b) Tongue

c) Nose

d) Eyes

Ans: (c) Nose

25) The colour of the water is ___

a) White

b) Blue

c) Orange

d) Water has no colour

Ans: (d) Water has no colour

26) Which taste sour?

a) Lemon

b) Banana

c) Watermelon

d) Apple

Ans: (a) Lemon

27) Which is the biggest number among the following numbers?

a) 99

b) 56

c) 80

d) 10

Ans: (a) 99

28) Which of the following can fly in the sky?

a) Birds

b) Fish

c) Monkey

d) None of the above

Ans: (a) Birds

29) The natural colour of our hair is ____

a) Red

b) Black

c) Green

d) Yellow

Ans: (b) Black

30) Which month comes after March?

a) May

b) January

c) July

d) April

Ans: (d) April

31) How many days are there in a year?

a) 45 days

b) 365 days

c) 7 days

d) 30 days 

Ans: b) 365 days 

32) Which of the following is the fastest car? 

a) Airplane 

b) Train 

c) Bus

d) Motorcycle  

Ans: a) Airplane 

33) How many months are there in a year?

a) 12 months 

b) 7 months 

c) 15 months 

d) 30 months 

Ans: a) 12 months

34) How many colour are there in the rainbow?

a) 5

b) 1

c) 7

d) 10

Ans: c) 7 

35) How many days are there in a week?

a) 365 days 

b) 30 days

c) 5 days 

d) 7 days 

Ans: d) 7 days

36) Which of the following is the biggest source of water? 

a) Ocean 

b) River 

c) Canal 

d) Tube well 

Ans: a) Ocean 

37) Cheese are made from _____ 

a) Cornflour

b) Milk 

c) Wheat

d) Rice 

Ans: b) Milk 

38) How many days are there in a month? 

a) 30 days 

b) 45 days 

c) 7 days 

d) 15 days 

Ans: a) 30 days

39) How does a lemon taste? 

a) Salty 

b) Sweet 

c) Sour 

d) Bitter 

Ans: c) Sour 

40) Which among the following animals is called ‘King of Jungle’?

a) Elephant

b) King 

c) Tiger 

d) Lion 

Ans: d) Lion 

41) What is igloo?

a) house made of ice

b) house made of brick 

c) house of lion 

d) None of the above

Ans: a) house made of ice 

42) Which among the following months is the last month of the year? 

a) September 

b) November

c) December

d) July 

Ans: c) December 

43) Which among the following animals guards our house? 

a) Cat

b) Dog 

c) Rat 

d) Tiger 

Ans: b) Dog 

44) The shape of an egg is _____ 

a) Triangle

b) Oval

c) Rectangle

d) Square 

Ans: b) Oval 

45) Which of the following is the national flower of India?

a) Rose 

b) Sunflower 

c) Lotus 

d) Hibiscus 

Ans: c) Lotus 

46) Which of the following is the last letter of the English alphabet?

a) E

b) Z

c) O

d) T

Ans: b) Z 

47) Which of the following is a human sense organ? 

a) Nose 

b) Hand 

c) Chest 

d) Toe 

Ans: a) Nose 

48) Which among the following parts of a tree is underground?

a) Crowns

b) Branches

c) Leaves 

d) Roots 

Ans: d) Roots 

49) Which of the following is the natural satellite of the Earth? 

a) Moon 

b) Titan 

c) Phobos 

d) Miranda 

Ans: a) Moon 

50) How many sides are there in a rectangle?

a) 5 (Five)

b) 6 (Six)

c) 3 (Three)

d) 4 (Four ) 

Ans: d) 4 (Four) 

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